Why I Started Content Camp

As a filmmaker, I’ve been interested in the creation and distribution of content for a long time. As a digital strategist, I’ve been interested in how technology is changing how we think about content, both from a production standpoint and from a consumption standpoint.

And as a guy who likes cheap content, but also likes to eat, I wonder what kind of compensation ecosystem makes sense in a world where most content is zeroes and ones and scarcity has to be imposed in order to apply traditional financial models.

I blog about this stuff a lot, and here are some of the questions I end up asking…

How Are We Going to Watch TV in Five Years?

How Is New Technology Bringing Back Old Ways of Doing Things?

How Has Technology Changed the Way We Find Talent?

Can Crowdfunding Fundamentally Alter Consumption?

Could You Crowdsource Patronage?

Ultimately, I would love to see a lab of some sort begin to tackle these issues, but as a first step in that direction, and as a means of beginning to create a conversation and, better yet, a community around these questions, I thought an unconference might be a good idea.

I’ve seen Barcamp Philly help the innovation community in Philadelphia grow by leaps and bounds by helping people from disparate fields find each other around passions they didn’t even realize they shared, so I thought maybe that model could help people begin to think collectively about the future of content.

- David Dylan Thomas

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