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To Speak or Not to Speak: The Classic Unconference Question

When it comes to unconferences one could paraphrase Shakespeare, “to speak or not to speak: that is the question.” Attending tech conferences is one thing, but speaking at one is another matter. Yet public speaking is one of the best

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Content Can’t Conquer without a CMS

While it is very true that content is king, be it on desktop, tablet, mobile or television, that king must come in a vehicle of some sort. There’s got to be a way to get him from his castle to

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Safe Space Policy

Content Camp’s Safe Space policy is intended to help Content Camp be a supportive as well as nonthreatening environment for all who participate. We want this space to be welcoming and engaging and we encourage everyone — visitors, events presenters,

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Future of Content Round Table

As a preview for Content Camp, we’ll be holding a Future of Content Round Table with…   Emily McManus, editor of,            Laura Moorhead, former editor at Wired and IDEO,          

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Why I Started Content Camp

As a filmmaker, I’ve been interested in the creation and distribution of content for a long time. As a digital strategist, I’ve been interested in how technology is changing how we think about content, both from a production standpoint and

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